Buzzer bashing

Well, I’m a bit late with this post as I went fishing quite some time ago but have been busy with various other “more important” jobs and am only just getting around to writing it now.

Tuesday was another day booked off work to use up some remaining holiday. And once again the rivers were running high and coloured, even the higher upland streams I was contemplating were over 2ft above normal summer levels! So lake fishing it was to be again.

A small lake up near Kielder was to be my venue of choice, which is a club water.

I had to drop the wife off at work first, then drop the dog off at the in-laws before setting off for the lake. Making my way up I had to take a detour around Wark as the road was closed. Finally arriving at around 10:30, as expected I was the only one there.

As I made my way up to the lake to sort the boat out with oars etc, I could see fish topping all over the place. The day was over cast and milder than it had been recently. After getting setup and pushing off I could see that there were a lot of buzzers in the water and a lot of the adult flies flitting about on the surface. In my haste to get setup I attached a dry fly to the dropper and a small buzzer to the point, hoping that I could get some top water action.

It was a while before I managed my first take and the fish took the point fly, a small black buzzer.

Things started to pick up after that, slowly but steadily, picking up the odd fish here and there. There was no top water action and the more I studied the rises around me the more I realised that the fish were taking buzzers sub-surface. So on that note I switched the dropper to another buzzer but this time with a piece of foam to sit below the surface film. I also ended up changing tactics from just letting the the flies bob around in the current to using a very slow figure of eight. This proved to be a wise choice and I was getting more takes and landing more fish, ranging from 1.5lb to 4.5lb. Strangely the smaller fish were putting up better fights than the bigger fish and one in particular tore off around the lake making 6-7 long hard runs and clearing the water completely just as many times.

All my fish were taking the point fly and I’d hit double figures by this point. There was the odd shower going over and my hands were starting to get cold due to the wet and cooler temperatures. So I decided to change it up a bit and rigged my other rod with an intermediate line and a black nomad which has been doing me well on the lakes of late. Not as successful as fishing the buzzers but I managed a couple of fish and got feeling back in my fingers. I decided on another move and to switch back to the buzzers using a figure of eight.

I ended the day with a few missed takes and lost fish but managed to land 17 in total, all rainbows and all went back strong, with the biggest actually my last fish of the day, coming in at exactly 7lb on the dot. This was now my third P.B. this year, I can’t believe just how I’ve managed to smash three different species P.B.s in the early part of the season. I’m more than a little chuffed to say the least!


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